Located on I-70 fifty miles east of Columbus, Zanesville is the county seat and largest city (population 25,586) in Muskingum County.

Zanesville was founded in 1797 by John McIntire on land deeded by his father-in-law, Ebenezer Zane. It was Zane who led a party of men to cut a road (Zane's Trace) from Wheeling, WV southeastward to Maysville, KY, leading to the establishment of Zanesville, Lancaster and Chillicothe at major river crossings.   At one time known as "Clay City" and "Pottery Capital of the World," Zanesville has a rich history in the production of utilitarian and art pottery, traditions that continue to this day.   Zanesville is also noted for its unique Y-shaped bridge which spans the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking Rivers. The current structure is the fifth Y Bridge since 1814. Amelia Earhart called Zanesville "the most recognizable city in the country," referring to the Y Bridge's usefulness as a navigational aid to pilots.

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Mark Baker, Council 1st Ward
Dan Vincent, Council President
Andy Roberts, Council 6th Ward
Sandy Gentry, Council 4th Ward
Constance Norman, Council 3rd Ward
David J Tarbert, Council 5th Ward
Ann Gildow, Council-at-Large
Rob Sharrer, Council-at-Large
Steven Foreman, Council-at-Large
Grant Hutcheson, Council 2nd Ward

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