Police Department

The Zanesville Police Department was created in 1865 with the hiring of six Police Officers. Since that time it has grown to 56 Police Officers and 43 support personnel. 

Together the 99 employees of the Zanesville Police strive to protect and to serve the citizens of Zanesville and its visitors. 

Police Officer Assignments

The Police Officer assignments break down as:

  • One Chief, three Captains
  • Two Lieutenants
  • Five Sergeants
  • Thirty-four Patrol Officers
  • Eleven Detectives
  • One Social Resource Officer

Support Personnel

The support personnel consists of:

  • Ten Dispatchers
  • Four Records Clerks
  • Three Secretaries
  • One Janitor
  • Four Jail Cooks
  • Twenty-one Corrections Officers

For employment information contact the Zanesville Civil Service Office at 740-455-0606.

Major Responsibilities

Police Department

  • Provide for the enforcement and prosecution of criminal and traffic law
  • Maintain a visible and effective means of preventing criminal activity in order to promote a safe community
  • Maintain a jail to house prisoners awaiting court appearances and serving misdemeanor sentences issued by Municipal Court

Standard Services Provided

  • Traffic law enforcement, accident investigations, and criminal investigations
  • Respond to calls for service from the public
  • Provide officers for calls to reduce conflicts that result from domestic, neighborhood or civil conflicts
  • Respond to calls and provided information too the government agencies
  • Investigate all hazards to the public and call on other agencies to resolve the hazard

Areas of Service Not Generally Known

  • Collect information for other agencies
  • Provide assistance to State agencies such as Liquor control
  • Plan an assist in the function of local public events
  • Provide a "Social Worker’ to those in immediate need of psychological assistance and refer them to further help
  • Deliver emergency messages
  • Assist in juvenile education (DARE and other community relations)