City Council

Major Responsibilities
Council meetings the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 7:00 pm; public hearings, work sessions, committee meetings; prepare the Council agenda and packets; minutes of all Council meetings and committee meetings; file vacations and annexations with County Recorder; certify weed cuttings, demolitions and sewer assessments with County Auditor.

For more information please contact Susan Culbertson, City Clerk at (740) 617-4875.

To find the ward that a particular street is in, please click the document below:

COZ Ward_Lookup


Daniel M. Vincent, Council President
2325 Erin Place
Zanesville, OH 43701
Mark Baker, Council 1st Ward
27 Southard Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-452-8545 Home
Jan Bradshaw, Council 2nd Ward
732 Eppley Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
Cell 740-704-2238
Constance Norman, Council 3th Ward
830 Prospect Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-453-0988 Home
Sandy Gentry, Council 4th Ward
1019 Sunset Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-452-4701 Homesandkgentry@yahoo.com
Steven Foreman, Council 5th Ward
980 Eastward Circle
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-607-6815 Cell
Andy Roberts, Council 6th Ward
406 Olive St.
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-221-4563 Cell
Ann Gildow, Council-at-Large
914 Fairmont Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-319-8452 Cell
Joey Osborn, Council-at-Large
540 Abbey Place
Zanesville, OH 43701
740-586-0484 Mobile
David Wolfe, Council-at-Large
2702 Martin Road
Zanesville, Oh 43701
740-454-8900 Office


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City of Zanesville, Ohio