Downtown WI-FI Survey

The City of Zanesville wants to offer high speed internet to an area that lacks this accessibility and be able to close the internet gap. We believe this will allow the community to become more connected, attract more people downtown, and help create a sustainable future for downtown Zanesville. Businesses will be able to operate more efficiently, vacant spaces are more likely to become occupied, and absolutely anyone will be able to sign into the free public Wi-Fi and have instant access to the internet.

By taking the survey, we will be able to tell what internet providers people have and why, if they’d be willing to switch providers, and what they think of bringing broadband internet and free public Wi-Fi to downtown Zanesville. The survey will help us see how people currently feel about it and then we can further build demand and proceed in the project.

The survey is short and will take maybe one or two minutes to take and it’s important we get as many to take it as possible; it’s just as important to get participants from people who are directly involved with downtown as it is from people who only come downtown once in a while.

Downtown WI-FI Survey


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City of Zanesville, Ohio