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The City of Zanesville’s Neighborhood Grant Program

Program Overview

The City of Zanesville established the Neighborhood Grant Program in 2017 to maintain and improve neighborhoods by supporting activities that bring neighbors together and encourage participation. This is a competitive grant program that provides financial support for projects that enhance and strengthen neighborhoods.

The maximum Neighborhood Grant award is $1,000, and any request above $500 must provide matching resources. A neighborhood group can provide its share of a project’s cost through any combination of volunteer labor and donations of material, services, and cash.

Check back for updates on the 2019 Neighborhood Grant Program!

Previously Funded Projects

Below is a listing of community projects which were funded through the City of Zanesville’s Neighborhood Grant Program in previous years:


Neighborhood Area Project Amount Year
Old 8th Ward Old 8th Ward Reunion Project $295.00 2017
Colony Hill Entrance Improvements Project $300.00 2017
McIntire Terrace McIntire Terrace Communications Network $607.00 2017
Old 8th Ward Old 8th Ward Reunion Project $496.00 2018
McIntire Terrace Street Corner Beautification Project $380.00 2018
Brighton Brighton Historic Signs Project $717.00 2018


Eligible Projects

Eligible Neighborhood Grant projects fall into five categories:


  • Community Building Events: Examples include neighborhood picnics and holiday events, a block party, outdoor health/recreation (walking, biking, running) events, and an emergency preparedness fair.
  • Physical Improvement Projects: Small landscaping and beautification projects, playground and minor park improvements, tree planting, and clean-up.
  • Communications and Operations: Examples include creation of neighborhood website, mailings, newsletters, meeting space, and administrative costs.
  • Neighborhood Identity Projects: Examples include signage and neighborhood entrance beautification, banners, and public art.
  • Leadership Training and Education: Examples include sponsorship of board members or residents to leadership and training opportunities such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), First Aid, or CPR Training.


Neighborhood-based organizations as well as groups of neighbors who do not belong to an organization are eligible for Neighborhood Grant Program funds. The project must take place within the City of Zanesville limits and be open to the public. Neighborhood Grant funds cannot be used to purchase food and/or alcoholic beverages, cash awards, field trips or admissions, or mobile phones and associated costs.

While encouraged to participate, Neighborhood Grant Program applications won’t be accepted from Schools, Faith-based organizations, Service Organizations, Community Based Non-profits, or For-profit Organizations.


How to Apply

Interested applicants should complete and sign a Neighborhood Grant Program application by providing a hard copy to the Community Development Department or electronic version to carly.campbell@coz.org.

If your project is awarded grant funding, a Grant Agreement will be developed, and this agreement must be fully signed before the start of a project. The City does not fund projects after the fact nor do we reimburse for projects that have already taken place once the application has been submitted.

Neighborhood Grant recipients are also required to submit a Grant Reimbursement Form, along with the actual receipts for the project expenses.

For more information, download the 2018 Neighborhood Grant Program materials:

Neighborhood Grant Program Flyer

Neighborhood Grant Program Application

Neighborhood Grant Reimbursement Form



In 2018, Neighborhood Grant applications were due on July 31st. Applicants are notified of the City’s decision within three weeks of submitting the application. All 2018 projects are required to be completed by November 30th.


Activity Date
Informational Workshop #1 May 25, 2018    3:30-4:30pm

Location: City Hall First Floor Conference Room (401 Market Street)

Informational Workshop #2 June 20, 2018   3:00-4:00pm

Location: Hands of Faith Church

(607 Brighton Boulevard)

Grant Application Deadline July 31, 2018
Project Completion Deadline November 30, 2018
Grant Reimbursement Form Due November 30, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are non-profit organizations, churches, or businesses eligible to apply?

No. The grant is intended solely for neighborhood-based organizations and groups of neighbors who do not belong to an organization. However, businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in projects.

2) Can Neighborhood Grants fund neighborhood picnics and events?

Yes, but the grant can only fund the event’s non-food purchases, since grants cannot be used to purchase food or alcoholic beverages.

3) If awarded funding, when will we receive grant funds?

Grant recipients will be reimbursed following the completing of the event/activity and the submission of all required documents, including the Grant Reimbursement Form and actual receipts. Checks are generally issued within two weeks of Grant Reimbursement Form submission.

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact the City of Zanesville Community Development Department before you prepare your application. We can offer guidance and assistance to help you submit a successful application.


Community Development Department

(740) 617-4909

401 Market St., Rm 204

Zanesville, OH 43701


Email Contact

Carly Campbell, Redevelopment Administrator: Carly.campbell@coz.org

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