Technical Assistance to Brownfields


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The City of Zanesville hosted a public meeting in partnership with the Technical Assistance to

Brownfields program (TAB) on Saturday, May 14th at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds. The purpose

of the meeting was to solicit community input and develop a community vision for one under-utilized

and one abandoned site in the greater Brighton area of Zanesville: the former Mosaic Tile property and

the former Munson School property.


Following the meeting, a landscape architect created conceptual drawings* of what the Mosaic Tile and

Munson School properties could look like using the input received from the community. The final TAB

report summarizes the public input and contains the conceptual drawings of the community’s vision.

Click here to read the TAB report.


*The conceptual drawings are just a representation of the results from the community’s discussion at

the TAB event, and are not real development plans. Rather, they show the sites’ potential and what

they could look like in the future if a developer were to develop them. Full resolution PDFs of these

drawings can be viewed here: Mosaic Tile Community Vision Rendering, Munson School Community Vision Rendering


If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact the Community Development Department

at 740-455-0601 x124.


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