Purchasing Office

Major Responsibilities:
Advertises for bids, distributes bidding documents, receives and opens bid proposals, processes contracts, and maintains contract files for projects, insurances, and items with estimated costs of $50,000 or more which are required by the City, and sale of the City’s surplus property items with estimated values of $1,000 or more, as authorized by ordinances passed by City Council and approved by the mayor. Coordinates insurance program, such as general liability, property, public officials liability, police professional liability, vehicular fleet, boiler and machinery, and airport liability to control losses. Processes gratis and covert license plates for city owned vehicles. Coordinates Federal/State Prevailing Wage Rate program. Serves as Secretary for the City Board of Control (Mayor, Public Service Director, and Public Safety Director).

Contact Information

Mary E Bush, Purchasing Coordinator
401 Market Street
City Hall – First Floor – Room 106
Zanesville, OH 43701

Phone 740-617-4897
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed holidays)
Email: purch@coz.org


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City of Zanesville, Ohio