Treasurer/Income Tax Office

Major Responsibilities

Receipt and disbursement of municipal funds; processing and disbursement of city payroll.

Income Tax Office
Administration and collection of city income tax.
The current tax rate is 1.9%


  • As of 2015 Tax year, the city has mandatory filing for all residents 16 years and older that had earned income, had a business or rental property and are not exempted.
  • There will be a late filing fee of $25.00 for returns not filed by April 18 even if no tax due
  • A copy of federal extensions must be files in City Tax Office before April 18 for extension to be granted
  • Loss carry forward is no longer permitted
  • No payment of Tax $10.00 or less will be billed, refunded or carried foward
  • New penalty for employee withholding
  • New due dates for employee withholding

Tax Deadlines

  • Net Profit Returns & Payment due: April 15
  • Employer’s Annual Reconciliation & W2 Copies due: February 28
  • 1099 Copies due: February 28
  • Monthly withholding payments must be RECEIVED before the 15th day of the following month
  • Quarterly withholding payments must be POSTMARKED before the LAST DAY of the month


Income Tax Extension April 2020


Penalty and Interest

  • Interest is charged at the rate of 0.500% per month from the deadline date
  • Penalty is 15% on unpaid taxes
  • Late filing fee @ $25.00 per month filed late (Max is $150.00)
  • Employee withholding – A penalty not to Exceed 50% of the amount unpaid will be charged

Tax Department Form Downloads

Contact Information

David Wolfe, City Treasurer
401 Market Street
City Hall – First Floor – Room 118
Zanesville, OH 43701

Phone 740-617-4898
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed holidays)
Email: david.wolfe@coz.org
Kathy Robinson, Income Tax Administrator
401 Market Street
City Hall – First Floor – Room 122
Zanesville, OH 43701

Phone 740-617-4918
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed holidays)
Email: inctax1@coz.org

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