Discrimination vs. Landlord/Tenant Dispute

Is what I am experiencing discrimination or dispute?

Discrimination Landlord/Tenant Dispute
Refusing to rent to a family with children under 18 Evicting a tenant because they are regularly late or fail to pay their rent
A landlord refusing accessible parking/denying access to the housing accommodation of a person with a disability Landlord withholds all or part of a tenant’s security deposit without evidence of corresponding damage to property
Housing advertisement expressing preference for people of a certain sex, race, or religion Landlord refuses to make repairs within a reasonable time frame
Treating a tenant less favorably than others in the terms of their rental or in repairing or maintaining property because of their race, religion, sex, or other protected characteristics Sending a tenant a lease violation notice if they fail to observe the terms of their lease, such as by bringing a pet onto a pet free property or smoking on a non-smoking property
Harassment by landlord based on race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, etc. Landlord enters dwelling without proper 24 hour notice
Landlord rents to single man instead of woman with children and makes stereotypical remarks about single mothers Landlord threatens to evict tenant because of noise complaints from other tenants
Refusal to rent to people on welfare A tenant allows another, outside person to move in without permission

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City of Zanesville, Ohio