Kidzville 2 Rebuild

Kidzville Rebuild 2 is in progress for rebuilding the playground May 31st – June 4th.

We are in need of volunteers.  To volunteer please visit the website below or email:  kidzville@coz.org






We need to borrow tools for the Kidzville Rebuild.  We will be using our own drill bits, router bits, and saw blades.  All tools will be safely stored and locked.  All power tools need to be in good and working order.  All appropriate safety devices (e.g., blade guards) must be attached and in good working order.


Below is a list of the tools we need.

Just highlight how many of each tools you can supply.  Our tool coordinator will contact you, and arrange for drop-off time.  We would like to have everything on site and organized by Friday May 26th.

Tool List

kidsville current playground

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