What is Zoning?

Zoning the comprehensive planning initiative that governs the standards for land use and construction on properties. Essentially, zoning dictates the following elements of development: what can be built on a property, how big the structure can be, where the structure can be located, how many structures are allowed on a lot, and what the property can be used for. Zoning also covers a wide range of topics from parking requirements to landscaping and screening. 

Do I need a Permit?

The usual answer is yes. If you plan on constructing, altering, repairing, or changing structures or the land use, you will most likely need a permit prior to the work starting. Some of the most common items that we receive permits for are:



    Sheds (pre-fabricated and constructed on-site) 




Most things a property owner would install or build on lot will need a permit. We encourage residents to call prior to constructing any structure on their property. This helps us avoid any potential issues that could arise from the new construction. 

There used to be a structure on my property, and I took it down, can I reinstall it without a permit?

No, a permit is still required. Once a structure is removed from the property, a new permit must be filed to rebuild it.

I bought a property and I want to take a single family home and convert it to multi-family housing (apartments), can I do that?

Most likely the answer is no. Most single-family homes are located in one of our single-family residential districts, this does not allow for the properties to be split out into multiple apartments. If a structure is converted without zoning approval, that structure may be required to change it back to its original form. 

I want to open a business out of my house, can I do that?

We allow for a limited number of home-based occupations. We recommend that you contact the zoning office prior to starting your business. A home occupation permit is required for all home based businesses.

I want to hold a community event, do I need a permit?

Yes! We would love to help you host your event. Our dedicated staff can help you through the process of obtaining a temporary use permit and other required permits for your event